Managers conference survey December 2008

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Purpose To measure the success of managers conferences, and take on any suggestions for improvement.
Subject Communications
Satisfaction with the council
Working at the council
Commissioned by Paul Moran, Events Co-ordinator Corporate Communications
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Staff
Date 01/10/2008 - 31/12/2008
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence Team, Policy Unit


Number in sample 237
Number of responses 97
Response rate 40%
Key findings Overall, almost all respondents were satisfied with the manager conference they attended, though 9% of respondents answered that they were dissatisfied. Overall ratings have fallen since the last set of conferences, and could result from previous experience of the conference affecting perceptions because previous attendees were less likely to be satisfied.

Although a quarter of delegates said the conference didn't meet their expectations, most would recommend it to a colleague. The reasons given for it failing to meet their expectations were around the changed style of the conference (i.e. lack of involvement from delegates in the question and answer session) and the usefulness of the information they were given.

Three-fifths of people responding to the survey had attended a manager conference before - representing more first time delegates for this set of events (particularly from lower pay scales). The main reasons given for attending were to hear an overview of the challenges facing the council.

Respondents wanted the conferences every six months. the most preferred priority for manager conferences is for them to be a communications tool and for personal motivation. And managers most preferred to share the conference information with their team in a team meeting and thought that written summaries would help them most to share information with colleagues.

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