The Big Care Debate

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Purpose The Big Care Debate has been launched by the Government alongside the Green Paper: Shaping the future of Care Together.   Whilst the timing of this debate in terms of the economic recession both for public services and individuals, and also in terms of the proximity of a general election could have been better, there is no doubt that change will have to happen.

It has been proposed that all those in need  get  a basic minimum entitlement funded through taxation - a 'National Care Service' - combined with payments made by individuals who could afford to contribute to their own care. Refinements on this add some form of insurance to cover this individual contribution.  The BIG Care Debate is an opportunity to ensure that the issue of funding in social care remains on the agenda irrespective of the outcome of a general election.

People across the County are therefore invited to 3 Big Care Debate events hosted by Lancashire County Council Adult Social Care.
Subject Priorities for social care services
Adults with additional needs
Older people
Other topic
Commissioned by Adult and Community Services/ Department of Health.
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Community conferences/workshops/visioning event
Consultation with Carers (social care)
Community or voluntary group
Faith communities
General public
Older people (aged over 65)
People experiencing mental health issues
People with learning disabilities
People with physical and/or sensory disabilities
Service users
Date 02/10/2009 - 02/10/2009
Undertaken by Business Intelligence Group.


Number in sample 100
Key findings Report to be completed after engagement process and posted onto the internet by mid November.
Outcomes Report to be shared with the Department of Health.

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