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Purpose Lancashire County Council would like to hear your views about proposals for a new road connecting the M6 motorway to the Heysham and Morecambe area.

One of the largest new road schemes currently being managed by a local authority in England, the Heysham to M6 Link is expected to bring real economic and transport benefits to Lancashire.

The link road aims to improve access for businesses in Heysham and Morecambe including the port and nuclear power stations, open up large areas for regeneration and, along with additional measures to manage traffic, reduce congestion currently experienced within Lancaster caused by traffic accessing these areas.

New planning process
The county council is currently contacting everybody who lives near the proposed route for the road to ask for their comments as part of the process of submitting a new planning application for the scheme.

The scheme originally received planning permission in 2008 but a number of changes to the design were made last year after the Department for Transport asked the county council to reduce the overall cost of the scheme in response to the government's comprehensive spending review.

The changes make the scheme more affordable, safer to build and will mean less impact on the environment during construction.

Make your view count
Before submitting an amended application, Lancashire County Council will be undertaking additional public consultation on the latest design, including the changes made, of the Heysham to M6 Link. The latest consultation will update on changes to the scheme and provide you with more information about the plans, giving you an opportunity to influence and shape the design before we submit it for approval to the IPC. You can also help shape the final application by commenting online, writing to us or getting in touch via email.

Following the public consultation, we will take on board your suggestions and comments, and where appropriate, incorporate them into the proposals before we submit an application to the IPC for consideration. The IPC will then examine the application before making a recommendation to the Secretary of State whether to grant permission to progress with the development. The application to the IPC will be made in the autumn following the consultation.

The closing date for receiving comments as part of the consultation is 31st July 2011.
Subject Road and pavement maintenance and repairs
Commissioned by Lancashire County Council
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Public meeting
Questionnaire - online
Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with General public
Date 01/06/2011 - 31/07/2011
Undertaken by Lancashire County Council


Key findings Feedback - keeping you informed
As part of the application the county council will submit a consultation report which will incorporate your suggestions, including any changes made to the design resulting from your comments. It will also outline reasons why some suggestions may not be included.

This report will be available to view on our website and in the same locations used during the consultation period.

Your contribution will have helped shape the county council's application to the IPC. The IPC will then have 28 days to accept the proposals before they enter into an examination process.

Whilst anyone can be involved in the consultation, to participate in the examination of the application once it has been submitted, you must register with the IPC as an interested party (the county council cannot
register you). You will then be kept informed of progress and have an opportunity to be involved.

You can only register after the IPC have accepted the application and you must register directly with the IPC through their website: http://www.infrastructure.independent.gov.uk/heysham-to-m6-link-road

Contact information

For more information about this research contact:

Heysham to M6 Link
Lancashire County Council
PO Box 100
County Hall

0845 053 0011
Email: heyshamtom6link@lancashire.gov.uk

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