Home to School Transport Policy Consultation

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Purpose What are we consulting you on?
We are consulting you on a number of changes that we are proposing to make our Home to School Transport Policy. We currently offer support in addition to what we are legally required to. This is known as Discretionary Transport and it is this additional support that we are proposing to change.

Why do we need to make changes?
We currently spend 8.5m on providing home to school transport for pupils attending mainstream schools. Of that figure, 4.5m is spent on providing transport assistance that is not a legal requirement. We are currently faced with making savings in the region of 300m. We therefore need to look at all of our spending, especially our spending on services we do not have a legal requirement to provide.
Subject School services eg meals, crossing, EPS
Commissioned by Pupil Access Team
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Parents/carers
Service users
Date 21/10/2013 - 29/11/2013
Undertaken by Corporate Research & Intelligence

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For more information about this research contact:

Pupil Access Team
Email: pupilaccess.central@lancashire.gov.uk