Staff travel to work focus groups

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Purpose The Staff Travel Plan Group commissioned a series of focus groups to find out why people use their current modes of transport and the barriers to people using alternatives to the car. Group discussions with staff were used to seek their views and experiences of getting to work. The results were used to further develop the Staff Travel to Work plan and its marketing.
Subject Public transport
Commissioned by Staff travel plan group
Geographic area All staff
Method Focus group
Consultation with Staff
Date 28/11/2005 - 01/12/2005
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence team, Policy Unit


Number of responses 26
Key findings While there was an appreciation of the problems due to their car use, however they were not enough to deter most from using their cars. There was enthusiasm for greater use of pool cars.

The bus is seen as having a particularly poor image and there was a mix of positive and negative perceptions of rail travel. A good number of attendees walked or cycled. the majority of attendees had heard they could get discount bus tickets, but a large proportion had not visited the Go Travel Shop.

Parking is seen as a real problem, with almost all attendees driving in to park on county council premises saying they need to arrive early to get a parking space. Public transport users suggested radical solutions to the parking problem such as making council car parks pay and display and subsidising council staff who do not use the car parks.

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