Short term supported accommodation stakeholder consultation 2016

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Purpose Lancashire County Council continues to face an unprecedented financial challenge. Over the next five years to 2020/21 the council needs to make savings of 262m on top of those agreed within previous budget processes. This extremely difficult financial picture is the result of continued cuts in funding by Government, rising costs and rising demand for key services.

Based on current spending and forecast demand for services, the council will not have sufficient financial resources to meet its statutory obligations by April 2018, even if we no longer continue to deliver any of the non-statutory services. The council will need to rely heavily on reserves in order to set a balanced budget for 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Lancashire County Council currently provides the funding which is used to deliver the support service available within short term supported accommodation which includes the following:
- Women's refuges
- Supported accommodation for young people
- Supported accommodation for single people who are homeless
- Supported accommodation for homeless families
- Supported accommodation for people who have a history of offending
- Supported accommodation for teenage parents
- Supported accommodation for people with substance misuse issues
- Supported accommodation for people who are homeless (families, single people and young people)

As a result of the financial difficulties, the county council is proposing to stop this funding at the end of March 2017, with the exception of funding for some services for young people who LCC have a legal duty to help.

Although the county council is unclear what this will mean for each service, there is a possibility for any or some of the following to take place:
- The service closes
- The service continues with major changes (eg reduction in number of staff)
- The service continues with little change as the provider has managed to obtain other funding eg from charities (not Supporting People)

We would like to hear your views about these budget proposals and any concerns or ideas you may have. We would be grateful if you would answer the following questions.

Subject Other topic
Commissioned by Supporting People
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Special interest group
Date 04/05/2016 - 17/07/2016
Undertaken by Business Intelligence

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