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Purpose Lancashire County Council is required to make savings of 262m by 2020/21. This extremely difficult financial position is the result of continued cuts in Government funding, rising costs and rising demand for our key services.

Lancashire County Council currently provides funding which is used by Action on Hearing Loss to deliver housing support you receive in your sheltered accommodation service. As part of the savings, you will already have received a questionnaire from Lancashire County Council asking for your views about the proposal to stop funding Places for People for the Community Alarm and Scheme Manager services at
Hunniball Court from 31st March 2017. The County Council is also proposing to stop funding for the support service Action on Hearing Loss provides at Hunniball Court in Preston from 31 March 2017.

Although we don't know what this will mean for your support service, there is a possibility for any or some of the following to take place:
- the support from Action on Hearing Loss will come to an end;
- the support from Action on Hearing Loss continues with major changes (eg reduction in number of staff); or
- the support from Action on Hearing Loss continues with little change as your they have managed to obtain other funding (eg from charities not Supporting People).

If you currently receive a package of social care or receive support from a social worker then this will continue.

Lancashire County Council is committed to working with your provider to make sure you are supported through this period of change.

It is important for Lancashire County Council to understand what the implications are of withdrawing the funding for the support service which Action on Hearing Loss provides. This questionnaire will help us understand: more about the service you currently receive; how important the service is to you; and your thoughts about how the proposals could affect people who need these services in the future.

If you wish to provide a response to these proposals, please complete the questionnaire no later than 7 August 2016.

You can answer all the questions or just the ones that you are concerned about.

If you feel that you need some support to help you understand or respond to this questionnaire please contact your provider who can support you directly or provide access to advocacy services in your area.
Subject Other topic
Commissioned by Supporting People
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Service users
Date 20/05/2016 - 07/08/2016
Undertaken by Business Intelligence

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