Draft Infrastructure and Planning Paper consultation

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Purpose Lancashire County Council is consulting on the draft Infrastructure and Planning Paper and we are seeking comments on the scope and content of the document.

This paper describes how we, as a service and infrastructure provider that new developments may impact upon, will engage with the planning process.

It focuses on the main service areas that new developments typically impact upon, namely transport services and highways capacity, provision of school places and flood management.

It provides information on these service areas, key priorities, and how development proposals will be considered against these priorities, together with possible mitigation measures. In the case of education provision it also provides the formulae for calculating the developer's contribution towards the cost of these mitigation measures.

It has been prepared to replace the existing Developer Contributions in Lancashire policy paper and is consistent with relevant changes within planning, such as the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations.

Lancashire County Council recently approved a revision to the education section of the Infrastructure and Planning paper. As the revised education section has recently been consulted on, we are principally interested in your views on the other sections of the document. This said, we still welcome your comments on the education section.
Subject Other topic
Commissioned by Planning & Environment
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Written consultation
Consultation with General public
Public authorities
Special interest group
Date 15/02/2017 - 15/03/2017
Undertaken by Planning & Environment

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