Baseline 2000 Survey (predecessor to the Life in Lancashire 2003 survey)

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Purpose This representative survey of Lancashire residents is intended to provide robust baseline information on residents' attitudes towards living in Lancashire which can be used for on-going monitoring. Topics included satisfaction with the local area as a place to live, satisfaction with the county council, image of the county council, usage of (and satisfaction with) local services, local transport, corporate priorities, county council communications, experience of contacting the county council, local democracy, the county council budget.
Subject All services
Budget and council priorities
Commissioned by Corporate Communications Group
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - face-to-face
Consultation with General public
Date 09/09/2000 - 13/12/2000
Undertaken by MORI


Number of responses 2493
Key findings Most people are satisfied with Lancashire as a place to live and core county council services are well regarded by residents. Key areas of strength are education services (primary, secondary and adult education), libraries, street lighting, and recycling facilities. Areas where Lancashire compares less strongly are road maintenance (although this is anyway one of the worst regarded local services in Britain) and facilities for young people. Customer care emerges as a real strength for Lancashire County Council.

Despite excellent ratings on many services, views of the county council itself are weak. Improving communications are essential in raising and improving the profile of the authority and getting better recognition for good services.

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