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Purpose Introduction
Lancashire County Council is asking for your views on how your local libraries opening hours could be allocated across the week in future.

We have categorised our libraries into four bands of service provision. Each band has a relevant allocation of opening hours depending upon local need:

Band A - open for 50 hours over six days every week
Band B - open for 42 hours over six days every week
Band C - open for 34 hours over five days every week
Band D - open for 18 hours over four days every week

The new opening hours are based on visitor numbers to the library and when they are used the most. There will be no difference in the quality of service between bands.

Why we are asking for your views
We are asking you to comment on the pattern of opening hours we plan to allocate across the week to your local libraries. We will consider your comments within the context of the library service provision across your whole area. We want to increase the number of evenings, when at least one library is open in an area.

If you need to compare these new opening hours with the pattern of current opening hours then please visit

We are consulting about the 47 libraries currently open, but have also included the details of the libraries reopening so that you have an overview of the library service in your area.

Who we are consulting
We are asking the public, staff and partner organisations to give their views. We will have these printed questionnaires available in libraries and also have an online version on our website. Our library staff will be contacting local partner organisations and interested parties such as friends of libraries and groups with lettings directly to ask them to comment via the questionnaire.

14 September 2017 - Cabinet agreed to consult on opening hours
2 October 2017 - Consultation commences in 47 libraries
26 November 2017 - Consultation ends
11 January 2018 - Report on the outcomes of the consultation to cabinet
17 January 2018 - Amendment of the library structure following the consultation to Management team
22 January 2018 - Consultation with staff
1 May 2018 - Implementation of the new opening hours
Subject Libraries
Commissioned by Lancashire County Library Service
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Written consultation
Consultation with Businesses
General public
Political bodies
Public authorities
Service users
Special interest group
Date 02/10/2017 - 26/11/2017
Undertaken by Lancashire County Library Service

Contact information

For more information about this research contact:

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