Consultation on changes to charges for non-residential adult social care

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Purpose Given the county council's current financial position, we are considering whether to revise the way we charge for non-residential care services for those people who can afford to contribute towards the care they receive.

Lancashire County Council last reviewed the way we may charge for non-residential care services in 2011, some six years ago. Since that time costs have risen more than 14%. Revising the charging policy for all non-residential care services will help to make sure the county council can cover the costs of providing them in the future.

Non-residential care services support people with disabilities and elderly people to live as independently as possible in their community. These services include: home care, outreach services, day care, direct payment and personal budget services, supported living, and the Shared Lives Scheme. We need to consider changing the way we charge for these services so we can continue to provide them in the future.
Subject Other topic
Commissioned by Adult Services
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Public authorities
Service users
Special interest group
Date 15/12/2017 - 08/02/2018
Undertaken by Business Intelligence

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