Consultation on Children and Family Wellbeing Service

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Purpose We are asking for views on our proposal to reduce the number of buildings where the children and family wellbeing service is based and to work more flexibly within the community.

We are committed to providing the best services we can to the people of Lancashire, particularly to the most vulnerable in our communities. However, the council's financial position remains extremely challenging and we need to look at how we can do things differently whilst still providing support to those who need our help.

The service supports children, young people, parents and families and prioritises those most in need, particularly where we think that early help will make the biggest difference.

It does this in different ways and places like
ˇ one-to-one support between a worker and a family
ˇ group-based sessions held in different community buildings, like a village hall
ˇ outreach in places like homes, at school or a local café
ˇ our work with young people can even be on the streets

We have looked at evidence of how the service makes a difference to people and how it can become more effective. To do this, we will focus on providing support directly to people where possible and use community settings where best. This will enable us to become more people focused rather than building based.

Proposed changes

We are proposing to cease delivering the service from 19 buildings whilst still delivering a service in 57 buildings. The other services delivered in these buildings will not be affected by our proposals.

We have looked at what is good about the buildings we use now and what could be better about them - things like
ˇ how easy it is to get to the buildings
ˇ how much need there is for our services in different places
ˇ how much each building is used and what it is used for
ˇ how suitable the buildings are for delivering our services
ˇ each buildings' running costs and condition
ˇ what other services are provided in the building
ˇ the likely impact on the local community

Using this information, we have selected which buildings we think we should continue to deliver the children and family wellbeing service from and which buildings we think we should no longer deliver the service from.

We will also commission a 12-19 years youth offer through the voluntary, community and faith sector to support our delivery of services to young people across Lancashire.

We welcome your views and feedback about our proposal.

We will also be consulting staff, county councillors and other interested parties.

After considering feedback received during the consultation period, the council's Cabinet is due to make a decision on a final set of proposals in October.
Subject Families and younger children
Vulnerable children and families
Young people
Commissioned by Children and Family Wellbeing Service
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with General public
Date 06/06/2018 - 03/08/2018
Undertaken by Business Intelligence

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