Proposal for dualling the A582

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Purpose This consultation is to give you the chance to have final comment on the proposed full dualling of A582 and a section of the B5253 prior to the preparation and submission of a planning application for consideration in early 2020.

The proposal involves dualling 6.6km of road; 5km of the A582 from Broad Oak roundabout to Stanifield Lane and including a 1.6km section of the B5253 between Farington Household Waste Recycling Centre and Longmeanygate in Leyland. A new bridge will be constructed to carry the additional carriageway over the West Coast Mainline and a second will enable the widened road to pass under the Ormskirk Railway. A three metre wide combined footpath/cycle track is proposed to extend along the full length of the dualled sections of road.

The consultation illustrates the proposed alignment and the proposed new junction layouts. Direct access from Longmeanygate to the B5253 is proposed to be closed and a new junction will be formed from Longmeanygate onto Reiver Road in Leyland. The junctions at the double roundabouts on Croston Road will be replaced with signalised junctions and will include a bus-gate on the southern section of Croston Road.

Since the previous consultation in 2015 a decision was made to change the alignment of the proposed road between Chain House Lane and Pope Lane - the proposed dualling is proposed to be on the western side of the existing A582.

The draft environmental proposals and measures to be used to mitigate and compensate for the construction of the road are also presented and offered for comment.

The proposals which are included in the consultation for comment are contained at the following link:
Subject Traffic management, traffic calming measures
Commissioned by City Deal
Geographic area Preston
South Ribble
Method Questionnaire - online
Written consultation
Consultation with Businesses
General public
Date 24/06/2019 - 02/08/2019
Undertaken by City Deal