Formal consultation to develop an SEN unit within Barrowford Primary School

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Purpose We would like your views on this proposal to create an SEN unit at Barrowford Primary School. An event will be held by the school so that you can get more information and ask any questions you may have. Details about this will be available on the school website shortly and through the usual channels of communication used by the school.

For your information and in accordance with the Department for Communities and Local Government regulations, all written responses may be disclosed to the public and could also be published on our website as background papers to any reports.

We are sorry that, due to the volume of responses we receive when consulting on proposals for schools, we will not be able to acknowledge written responses nor enter into correspondence with interested parties during or after the consultation period. It is important to attend the relevant consultation event if you require clarification or more information on the proposal.
Subject Schools (nursery, primary, secondary, special)
Commissioned by Inclusion Service
Geographic area Pendle
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Schools/parents/governors
Date 10/12/2020 - 22/01/2021
Undertaken by Business Intelligence, Research and Consultation

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For more information about this research contact:

Inclusion Service
01772 531597