Proposal to develop a SEN Unit at Delph Side Primary School

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Purpose We are seeking your views about a proposal to create a special educational needs (SEN) unit at Delph Side Community Primary School. This is the statutory proposal to make a prescribed alteration to a school in accordance with the School Organisation (Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools) (England) Regulations 2013.

What are we planning to do?
The proposal is to create an SEN unit for between eight and sixteen children with social communication and interaction needs within Delph Side Community Primary School.
All of these children will have education, health and care plans. Some of these children will transfer from another school to Delph Side Community Primary School so that they can attend the SEN unit.
Children attending the SEN unit will be taught in the unit for some of the time and at other times they will be taught with other children in existing classes.
All children already on roll at Delph Side Community Primary School will still be able to attend the school and this change should not affect current admission criteria.

Why we are doing this?
- Special schools in Lancashire are largely full. In 2019 over 350 pupils with special educational needs attended private or independent schools. These school places usually cost more than places in Lancashire schools.
- To make sure that children in Lancashire have the same chance to attend an SEN unit as they do in other parts of the country. There are 300 fewer SEN unit places in Lancashire compared with other local authorities in England if they were the same size.
- To give families more choice about the type of school they would like their child to attend.
- To make sure there is specialist support and enough special school places for all children with special educational needs.
- As there is evidence to show the specialist knowledge of staff working with children in an SEN unit leads to better quality of teaching for all pupils throughout the school.
- Because there is a particular need for SEN units in the Ormskirk/Skelmersdale area

How will we do this?
- By making sure the needs of every child in the school are met, whether or not they have special educational needs.
- By making sure that all staff have the training and skills they need to support children with special educational needs.
- By creating an SEN unit for children with social communication and interaction needs that is not available at the moment in Skelmersdale.
- By providing funding for any adaptations to the school building through the basic needs grant provided by the local authority.
- The school will receive additional funding from the high needs block to provide support for all pupils attending the unit, in line with the funding for places at specialist schools. This means the school should not be financially disadvantaged by the creation of the unit.
Subject Schools (nursery, primary, secondary, special)
Commissioned by Inclusion Service
Geographic area West Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Schools/parents/governors
Date 14/06/2021 - 14/07/2021
Undertaken by Business Intelligence

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