Life in Lancashire Wave 9

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Purpose This latest survey focuses on education (both for children and adults), and more generally on the perceived effectiveness of the county council.
Subject Satisfaction with the council
Adult education
Schools (nursery, primary, secondary, special)
Commissioned by Corporate Communications Group
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Life in Lancashire panel
Date 18/09/2003 - 22/10/2003
Undertaken by RBA Research Ltd


Number in sample 1589
Number of responses 786
Response rate 49%
Key findings Half of respondents say they are satisfied overall with the way in which Lancashire County Council run things. Two-thirds say the way in which the County Council operates has not changed during the period of panel membership.

Improvements thought to have been made effectively by the county council and its partners include promoting safer use of roads, supporting families with problems, improving the environment by things like street lighting, and promoting safer public transport. In matters relating to activities for young people and supporting older people, views tend to be slightly more negative, especially among those directly affected.

Over three-fifths of panel members rate primary schools as either good or excellent. Panel members say that on balance they are satisfied with many specific aspects of education in Lancashire, especially the quality of teaching and academic standards achieved. Pupil behaviour and large class sizes are the two areas most often identified by panel members as possible causes of low standards of education. Around three-fifths of panel members say they get about the right amount of information about education issues. Current sources of information very closely match the preferred sources, although ideally panel members might prefer less word of mouth communication. Local newspapers are most important overall.

Information technology and computer skills are the most common area of difficulty for adults. Around two-fifths of panel members say they have attended at least one adult education course in the past three years. Two-fifths of panel members say they are likely to attend an adult education course in the next 12 months. Three-quarters say it is easy to find out what adult learning is available.

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