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Purpose Developing Lancashire: perceived priorities for development, level of understanding about planning and development within Lancashire, awareness of the council's planning department.

Recycling: awareness of the recycling services available, attitudes towards recycling, perceived barriers to recycling, what the council can do to increase the amount recycled.

The needs of children and young people: perceptions of things for children and young people to do, how this could be improved, how children and young people can be involved in local decisions.
Subject Planning services
Community engagement
Waste and recycling facilities
Commissioned by Corporate Communications Group
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Life in Lancashire panel
Date 07/05/2003 - 26/06/2003
Undertaken by RBA Research Ltd


Number in sample 1430
Number of responses 894
Response rate 62%
Key findings Protection of areas of natural beauty is considered to be the most essential aspect of planning and development. The next priorities are waste recycling, reviving run down areas, creating job opportunities, creating affordable housing and developing public transport.

Three-fifths say they know very little or nothing about the Lancashire Planning Service. The main source of information is through Council publications.

Most panel members say that they do recycle to an extent, and three-fifths say they recycle all or most of what they can. The main reason given for not recycling more is having no space to store things and accessibility. More than three-quarters say they know something about recycling services - knowledge of services links with the amount recycled.

Safety and having places to go are thought to be the most important issues for children and young people. Panel members tend to take the view that children and young people are not consulted on their needs. The most popular method of involving young people in local decisions is via discussion groups in school with people their own age.

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