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Purpose This survey focused on public transport, both in terms of transport policies in general and, more specifically, bus services. The survey covered both those bus services that are supported by the county council as well as other non-supported local bus services.
Subject Public transport
Commissioned by Corporate Communications Group
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Life in Lancashire panel
Date 27/09/2001 - 26/10/2001
Undertaken by RBA Research Ltd


Number in sample 1686
Number of responses 1152
Response rate 68%
Key findings Better public transport is seen as the highest priority in order to improve transport safety. Also of relatively high priority to panel members is better highway maintenance. In order to achieve an effective transport system for Lancashire, panel members think that more frequent and reliable bus services are the highest priority.

Just over a quarter of panel members have ever travelled on one or more of the bus services supported by the county council. Usage of non-council supported services is
significantly higher. The primary reason for using bus services is shopping. Just over a third of all panel members say that they currently use bus routes.

Dissatisfaction with Council supported services appears to be highest amongst those living in rural areas. Panel members are most critical of the condition of the bus stop or shelter.

Cheaper fares is seen as the best way to encourage people to use bus services more often. Other ways of encouraging greater use, supported by about half of all panel members are more frequent services, routes that go closer to your destination and more reliable services.
Outcomes Transport

We found out that you have confidence in our services and liked much of what was being done. But, you told us we need to publicise our initiatives better. As a result of your comments we:

* now have traffic and safety web pages at that explain much of the work being carried out and list specific schemes by district to give people up-to-date information on local transport issues;

* visited local areas over three weeks in 2003 with a Road Show Bus to talk with people about what we do and discuss local transport problems;

* have improved timetable information at bus stations and publicised the Lancashire Traveline (available on 0870 608 2 608), which helps you to plan your journey;

* found out that we need to use new vehicles on quality bus routes to encourage more people to start using public transport;

* have introduced more innovative fare deals, which we have won a National Bus Award for innovative marketing for.

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