School safety zone (SSZ) evaluation survey

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Purpose School safety zones have been piloted outside a number of primary schools across the county. They aim to create a safer environment around school for pedestrians and cyclists by asking motorists to limit their speed to 20mph during school start and finish times. The survey was undertaken to help evaluate the success of the project and find out how journeys have been affected.
Subject Road safety
Commissioned by School travel
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Parents/carers
Date 21/06/2006 - 01/08/2006
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence Team, Policy Unit


Number of responses 744
Key findings Parents favour vehicles as the method of getting their children to and from school. Most children cross the road within the SSZ.

Particular concerns for parents about their child's school journey were parking problems that in many cases caused other drivers to drive on the pavements, the speed of traffic, busy roads and roads which are difficult to cross, and problems with footpaths being narrow and obstructed or there not being any footpaths.

The SSZ hasn't greatly influenced the way children get to and from school. This is partly because car use is a wider problem, for example parents may drop their children off on their way to work and will require a behavioural change.

Around half of respondents thought that the SSZ had reduced speeds and made their child's journey safer. Perceptions of speed and safety are linked - where parents think speeds have significantly reduced they are more likely to think that their child's journey is safer.

The findings suggest that parents perceive that the SSZ hasn't had a long-term effect on the speed of traffic travelling through the zone. However, nine in ten parents thought that the SSZ was a worthwhile initiative for Lancashire County Council.

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