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Purpose The visitors feedback survey was undertaken to provide data about the effectiveness of Lancashire County Developments Ltd (LCDL) 'Lancashire Destination Guide'. It looked at how people obtained copies of the guide, satisfaction with the design and content, what prompted people to visit Lancashire, and asked for suggestions for improving the guide.
Subject Tourism
Commissioned by Lancashire County Developments Ltd
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Comment/visitor feedback card
Consultation with General public
Date 01/01/2004 - 14/12/2004
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence Team, Policy Unit


Number of responses 2872
Key findings The Lancashire Destination Guide is well regarded as 95% of respondents rate the quality of the guide as good overall. Perceptions of the usefulness of the guide are generally good with 95% of respondents, or more, finding the way the information is presented, areas of Lancashire features, map of
Lancashire and attractions listing and brochure request pages useful in planning their visit. These are especially good as the way the information is presented and the areas of Lancashire features are factors that correlate with overall perceptions of the Destination Guide.

The most common comment for the suggested improvements was that the guide was very good and they couldn't suggest any improvements (9%), especially as it was unprompted. Where improvements were suggested the top mentions were to provide information on where to stay and eat, improve
the maps, list more attractions and give more information about them, provide better travel information and supply a pre-paid card for brochure requests.

Almost half of all respondents received the brochure in the post; a third picking it up from a Tourist or Lancashire County Information Centre. The internet is a more common method for people who live abroad and people who haven't visited Lancashire before.

The most common uses for the guide were to plan a short break or holiday (64%) and plan a day visit to Lancashire (37%). There are some differences for uses between different types of visitor. For example, Lancashire residents are more likely to use it to plan a day visit.

The most popular answers on which parts of the guide prompted a visit were the listings of places to visit, the descriptions of places and historical information, the photography, the diversity of Lancashire and events listings.

The visitor information questions revealed that 89% of respondents had visited previously, visits are seasonal peaking in the summer and the most common way to visit is as a couple.

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