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Purpose To improve information to BME communities and organisations on the role of the Directorate and services provided and commissioned by it in each district and encourage them to take up these services.
To develop a meaningful and effective dialogue between the officers of the Directorate and BME communities through community consultation and community engagement mechanisms
Subject Adults with additional needs
Commissioned by Blair McPherson
Geographic area Burnley
Ribble Valley
Method Public meeting
Consultation with Black and minority ethnic groups
Community or voluntary group
Faith communities
Date 01/01/2007 - 30/01/2007
Undertaken by Nisba Ahmed, Mustafa Mohammad, Kiran Banati, Irfan Ghaus


Key findings Discussions in meetings confirmed some of the adult social care services previous impressions and knowledge and also provided a lot of new intelligence about the social care issues faced by the Black and minority ethnic communities and their experience of services and staff of Adult social care services.
Outcomes Continue to:
- Establish mechanisms to consult with minority ethnic communities
- Improve access by these communities to services available through the Directorate
- Increase the availability of culturally appropriate services for these communities
- Develop the capacity of BME organisations to become providers of culturally appropriate services on their own or in partnership with others

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Nisba Ahmed (tel. 07789618120)