Changing the Fair Access to Care Services threshold

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Purpose Consultation on a proposal to raise the FACS threshold and to provide local information gateways as an alternative approach to meeting peopleż
Subject All services
Commissioned by Blair McPherson - Director of Community Services
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Community conferences/workshops/visioning event
Written consultation
Consultation with Special interest group
Date 04/06/2007 - 28/09/2007
Undertaken by Janet Beadle, Don Rowbottom (Wellbeing)


Key findings The majority view arising out of the consultation seemed to be that, though people were uncomfortable with the proposed rise in the FACS threshold, they did recognise that some change in the threshold was probably inevitable given the pressures on the County Council. In addition, many people wanted to be involved in or make a contribution to the process of designing the Local Information Gateways in each district. Final report, with summary version and accessible version, made available on the website.
Outcomes All responses collated into a final report and then made available both on the net and to people who had formally responded.
The consultation then informed a decision by the Cabinet Member for Adult & Community Services to raise the FACS threshold and to approve the development of the Gateways.

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Don Rowbottom (tel. 01772 534307)

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