Speed Awareness Course - Equality & Diversity Analysis

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Purpose To assess service access and satisfaction for the various equality strands.
Subject Equality and diversity
Road safety
Commissioned by Director of Highways and Environmental Management (Rob Clifford)
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - face-to-face
Consultation with Service users
Date 01/03/2008 - 31/03/2008
Undertaken by Jay Patel & Richard Matthews


Number in sample 200
Number of responses 200
Response rate 100%
Key findings Males are more likely to use the service than females. BME people use the service proportionally. People aged 40-49 are more likely to use the service than any other age group, and people aged 16-19 and above 70 are least likely to use the service. Disabled people are less likely to use the service than non- disabled people. There are no significant differences in satisfaction levels.
Outcomes Analysis passed back to the service for business planning and service development purposes.

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For more information about this research contact:

Richard Matthews
Assistant Performance Manager
Environment Directorate
Ex 30792