Employee intranet survey 2007

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Purpose The questionnaire was structured into three main areas: how employees use the intranet; how they find information on the intranet; and what functions they use or would like to use in the future.
Subject Communications
Commissioned by Corporate Web and Intranet Strategy Group
Geographic area All staff
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Staff
Date 30/03/2007 - 30/04/2007
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence Team, Policy Unit


Number of responses 1847
Key findings The findings show that the majority of respondents have the county council's intranet as their homepage. The major exception is the Environment Directorate, which shows a much lower propensity to have the intranet used as the homepage.

Almost three-quarters of respondents use the intranet every day. This is a significant increase from 2004 when just over half used the intranet every day. Most respondents access the intranet from their usual office base, possibly due to the fact that flexible working opportunities are at an early stage within the organisation.

Most people are only saying the intranet is fairly easy to use. Almost half of respondents said they have tried to look for something on the intranet that they could not find. Overall people find the intranet useful.

The homepage links is the way that respondents most often look for information on the intranet, followed by the A to Z and then the search facility.

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