Registration service customer satisfaction survey 2003

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Purpose To provide data on the key issues the modernisation project team are considering.
* The satisfaction with the current service received by users and particular aspects of the experience.
* How respondents would prefer to contact the Registration Service in the future, which office they would use out of preference in Lancashire and the times they would prefer to visit.
* The likelihood of respondents using the service if it were available in their local hospital for the registration of births or deaths.
* Any comment users had on improvements that could be made to the service.
Subject Registration of births, deaths and marriages
Commissioned by Registration Service Modernisation Project Team
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Service users
Date 06/08/2003 - 22/06/2003
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence Team, Policy Unit


Number in sample 4400
Number of responses 1564
Response rate 35%
Key findings Overall the Registration Service is well regarded by its customers. In the main all service aspects score highly, with
most respondents rating the elements as either very or fairly good. There are a limited number of opportunities to improve the service and improve further the levels of satisfaction experienced by users.

Customers of the service visit the offices during times of very different emotions from the very highest to the very lowest. Across all groups the service they receive seems appropriate to their needs within the framework of this questionnaire. It is more the physical, tangible elements of the experience that require an improvement.

The results show a small number of key areas to improve the Service. The main areas to improve the service are:
* the parking facilities for customers;
* the opening hours of the office;
* the promptness of the appointment times; and
* the physical environment of the office where customers are seen.

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