Living in Lancashire wave 35

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Purpose This wave of Living in Lancashire looked at people's views on facilities in their area, local public services and discrimination.
Subject Crime and community safety
Community cohesion
Quality of life
Satisfaction with the council
Commissioned by Corporate Research and Intelligence Team
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Life in Lancashire panel
Date 09/11/2011 - 02/12/2011
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence Team


Number in sample 2794
Number of responses 1619
Response rate 57%
Key findings - Two thirds of respondents agree that their local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together (68%) while around one in seven disagree (14%).
- Respondents were asked in which situations they regularly meet and talk with people from different backgrounds to themselves. The most common responses are at local shops (59%), at work (43%) and in their neighbourhood (41%).
- Around one in ten respondents don't regularly meet and talk to people from different backgrounds in any of the given situations (11%).
- Over four fifths of respondents are satisfied with their local area as a place to live (84%).
- The top three things that are important to respondents in making somewhere a good place to live are the level of crime (65%), clean streets (57%) and health services (55%). The most common responses to what most needs improving in respondents' local area are road and pavement repairs (51%), activities for children (46%) and job prospects (41%).
- Just under a fifth of respondents feel that their local area has got worse over the past two years (17%), while one in ten feel it has got better (11%).
- Around two fifths of their respondents agree that their local district council and Lancashire County Council provide value for money (42% and 37% respectively).
- Two fifths of respondents feel well informed about the county council (42% very and fairly well informed).
- Half of respondents agree that overall the quality of county council services are good (50%). Only a fifth of respondents agree that the county council treats all parts of Lancashire fairly (20%).
- Around half of respondents are satisfied with the way their local district council runs things (52%) and two fifths are satisfied with the way Lancashire County Council runs things (43%).
- The majority of respondents feel safe outside in their local area during the day (92%) with over half feeling very safe (55%). Around three fifths of respondents feel safe after dark (62%).
- Encouragingly, when asked about different aspects of anti-social behaviour, most respondents don't think they are a problem in their local area. The biggest problem is rubbish or litter lying around (35% think it is a very or fairly big problem).
- Around four fifths of respondents, and people close to them, have never experienced verbal or physical abuse because of their age, race, religion, gender, sexuality or a disability (78%).
- A fifth of respondents, or people close to them, have experienced verbal abuse (21%) and one in twenty have suffered physical abuse (5%) at some point in their life for one of these reasons.
- Just over a quarter of respondents think there is more racial prejudice in Britain now than there was five years ago (27%), and around a quarter think there is now less racial prejudice (24%).
- Over a third of respondents think that there is more religious prejudice in Britain now than there was five years ago (36%), while only around one in seven respondents think that there is now less religious prejudice (15%).

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