Best Value Performance Indicator (BVPI) user satisfaction survey 2006

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Purpose This research was carried out to fulfil the requirements of the
Department for Communities and Local Government and the Audit Commission. The survey investigates the perception of the local area by Lancashire residents, as well as their satisfaction with local services.
Subject All services
Commissioned by Policy Unit
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with General public
Date 06/09/2006 - 24/11/2006
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence, Policy Unit


Number in sample 4500
Number of responses 1678
Response rate 37%
Key findings Overall satisfaction with the county council has not changed significantly, moving from 49.1% to 49.5% satisfied. This score is similar to the overall median scores for all county councils and all single and upper tier authorities.

Satisfaction with five out of the nine key Best Value Performance Indicators measured on the survey has increased on the 2003/4 survey.

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Rebecca Robinson
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