Young Persons Alcohol and Tobacco Survey 2013

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Purpose Every two years, Trading Standards take part in a North-West wide survey of 14-17 year olds, administered through schools who have signed up to take part, on the subject of alcohol, drugs and tobacco use. This survey provides around 1,500 responses in the Lancashire region.

This year Lancashire County Council's Trading Standards wanted to supplement this survey with an annual Lancashire-wide survey which would aim to provide over 5,000 responses and allow breakdown by district.

Trading Standards recruited 33 schools across the county to take part in the survey.
Subject Young people
Other topic
Commissioned by Lancashire County Council's Trading Standards
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Children aged 14-19 years
Date 01/01/2013 - 29/03/2013
Undertaken by Corporate Research and Intelligence


Key findings Nearly two-fifths of respondents (39%) have never drunk alcohol. However, one in every six respondents (16%) drink alcohol once a week or more.

Of those respondents who have drunk alcohol, over a fifth (21%) have never drunk five or more alcoholic drinks on one occasion. However, almost a fifth (18%) drink five or more alcoholic drinks on one occasion once a week or more.

Nearly three-fifths of respondents (59%) have never tried smoking. One in six respondents (16%) currently smoke, about one in twenty (6%) used to smoke but have given up, and nearly a fifth (19%) have tried smoking but did not like it.

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