Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Services public consultation 2016

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Purpose The county council continues to face an unprecedented financial challenge. Over the next five years to 2020/21 the council needs to make savings of 262m on top of those agreed within previous budget processes. This extremely difficult financial picture is the result of continued cuts in funding by Government, rising costs and rising demand for key services.

Based on current spending and forecast demand for services, the council will not have sufficient financial resources to meet its statutory obligations by April 2018, even if we no longer continue to deliver any of the non-statutory services. The council will need to rely heavily on reserves in order to set a balanced budget for 2016/17 and 2017/18.

This consultation focuses on proposals for transforming Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Services (WPEHS) for children, young people and families in Lancashire. It describes the implementation plan of the service offer proposals presented to Lancashire County Council's Cabinet in February 2015 and agreed, subject to consultation, on 26 November 2015.

It has been agreed that the proposed future service model will help to deliver 7.4million budget savings by 2017/18. The new service will transform and integrate a range of services within Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Services and will align existing core offers for children's centres, young people's provision, prevention and early help, and Lancashire's response to the national Troubled Families Unit programme.

The new model will ensure effective support for 0-19+ year olds across Lancashire and support our strategic approach to wellbeing, prevention and early help, strongly contributing to the delivery of public health responsibilities. It will also further align the ongoing re-procurement of public health services, and consider the integration of other services like health visiting and school nursing services, alongside other council services.

You can download the information pack below, which provides background details and further information about the decision to transform WPEHS in Lancashire.
Subject Families and younger children
Vulnerable children and families
Commissioned by Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Service
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Questionnaire - postal
Consultation with Service users
Date 09/02/2016 - 21/03/2016
Undertaken by Business Intelligence

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