Commissioning joint funded mental health rehabilitation

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Purpose The NHS and Lancashire County Council (LCC) currently spend around 7.6m annually supporting approx. 124 people in residential care, nursing care and supported housing. There are 15 placements in supported housing or homecare rehabilitation (approx. 1.2m) and 109 placements in residential or nursing rehabilitation (approx. 6.3m).

Supported housing is a place where someone lives in order to receive care and support. It typically includes: an agreement between the landlord and service provider; support that is shared between people; a mix of shared and 1:1 support; and an established staff presence (varying from visits to 24 hour presence).

We are committed to commissioning rehabilitation services in a different way across Lancashire for people with mental health problems because we want:
collaborative commissioning between health and social care, with agreed joint commissioning arrangements;
an agreed model of care for mental health rehabilitation which effectively complements the whole range of mental health provision;
robust contacts that are clear about our requirements and have a strong emphasis on quality, standards, performance and monitoring;
to offer contracts based on specific geographical zones; and
promote a sustainable and responsive market for rehabilitation services.

The new model for joint funded mental health rehabilitation will include the following contracts and agreements:
a framework agreement - that governs the overall relationship between LCC and providers. The council reserves the right to carry out an annual review of the framework to allow new providers to apply;
service contracts - when the council requests services from a provider, LCC and the provider will enter into a separate service contract; and
service user agreement/rehabilitation care and support plan - an individual agreement which is specific to the service user. It outlines the service user's care and support plan with details provided by the service user's social worker.

This consultation is in two parts. In Part A we want your feedback on the draft service specification and key performance indicators. In Part B we want to inform you about our key proposed commissioning intentions and get your feedback on them.

We would welcome a response from your organisation as it will be taken into account as we finalise our approach to recommissioning the services. You don't have to answer all of the questions, just those that are relevant to you.
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Commissioned by Policy, Information and Commissioning (Live Well & Age Well)
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - online
Consultation with Special interest group
Date 06/09/2016 - 03/10/2016
Undertaken by Business Intelligence

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