Survey of Personal Budget holders in Lancashire

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Purpose The purpose of the Survey was to gather peoples views and opinions regarding the process for Self Directed Support/Personal Budgets and to consider if personal budgets had improved their quality of life
Subject Other topic
Commissioned by Steve Sinnott -
Geographic area All of Lancashire
Method Questionnaire - face-to-face
Questionnaire - telephone
Consultation with Service users
Date 01/04/2009 - 29/05/2009
Undertaken by Paula Jones - Social Worker Bhanu Reddy - Citizen Feedback Officer


Number in sample 40
Number of responses 40
Response rate 100%
Key findings 95% of people said they were given sufficient information in order to make a decision to proceed with a personal budget.
90% of people put their Support Plan together with their Social Care Worker.
63% reported the whole process had taken longer than 8 weeks (although the same percentage felt this was about right).
30% felt the process was complicated, 70% found it straightforward
95% felt that they were primarily leading the choices and decisions that were made throughout the process

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